Lucky for network cabling professionals, there are a number of great resources for network troubleshooting and analysis, many of which are free and/or open source. NPS is providing this list of websites, forums, tools, and applications that can be used in the field.  We hope you find them useful.

Fluke Networks

OptiView XG

Tools & Apps

CurrPorts – Monitoring TCP/IP Ports and Connections
DNSBench – Benchmark tool for DNS Servers
Iperf – Using Iperf to Measure Network Throughput
GS105E – Cheap Ethernet Tap
ps Performance Toolkit – Web based throughput measurement tool, utilizing the TCP100 stack
WANem – Free WAN Emulator

Fping – Moving beyond just DOS PING

Sometimes PING is just not enough.  That is where Fping comes in.  Fping has all the same options as Windows PING, but with a number of other useful features not available in the one that comes with Windows.

Download Link –

Available options include:

  • Time between pings can be adjusted as needed from 1ms to 5s.
  • Beep on every successful or unsuccessful reply allowing you to test your network status in the background.
  • Ping multiple hosts with one simple command.
  • Read a hostlist from a file
  • Output redirection to a file for parsing.
  • Ping with random data, or data you provide
  • Ping using raw sockets, or use the ICMP dll. The choice is up to you.

Troubleshooting Websites

Protocol Analyzers

Wireshark –
ClearSight Analyzer –

Throughput Measurement Tools


Troubleshooting Forums

List of forums here


What’s in our Backpack?

Often times we are asked about some of the items that we carry in our backpacks when we are going out to perform a class or a network analysis job. This page is dedicated to those items we typically carry with us.